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                                                                     General Work



Minimum Charge Per Job - (Unless stated otherwise) $25.00
Clean & Oil Shotgun - (Completely DisAssy. & check for wear) $25.00
Pattern Shotgun - (Doesn't include ammo or targets) $50.00
Long Forcing Cone - (Non-Plated Bore, Per Barrel)


Long Forcing Cone - (Plated Bore, Per Barrel) $85.00
Resolder Rib Hr./Rate
Raise Dent in Barrel $75.00
Raise Dented Rib $45.00
Straighten / Adjust Barrel $100.00
Polish Chamber / Bore $65.00
Back Boring - (Non-Plated Bores) Hr./Rate
Open/Modify Choke 60.00
Remove Stuck Choke Tube $35.00
Install Screw-In Choke - (Winchoke/Truechoke/Remchoke Non-Plated Bores) $100.00
Install Solder-In Choke Sleeve - (Per Barrel) $100.00
Install Poly-Choke Rib $150.00
Make New Hinge Pin $150.00
Drill & Tap for Front or Mid Rib Bead $20.00
Check Firing Pin Protrusion $20.00
Make Chamber Cast $35.00
Remove Fouling From Bore $35.00
Lap Barrel $125.00
Port Barrel $125.00

Metal Finishing


Bluing consists of Disassembly, Cleaning, Removing old blue and rust, Polishing, Bluing, Oiling, and Reassembling of gun.



Matte Finish - Soft or Heavy (Polish out Pitting with 140 polish, Bead Blast) $125.00
Standard Finish - (Polish out Pitting, Finish with 140 polish) $120.00
Deluxe Finish - (As above followed with 240 & 400  polish) $165.00
Master Finish - (As above followed with 500 & 555 polish to a mirror finish) $200.00
Parkerizing - (Polish out Pitting, Finish with 140 & Bead Blast $125.00
Baking Lacquer / Teflon-Moly Finish $165.00

Other Finishing

Hard Chrome - (Soft Satin Finish for Steel Parts. Matches well with SS) $175.00
Case Coloring - (Price depending on number of pieces) POR
Strip Nickel Finish $125.00
Draw Filing Hr./Rate
Jewel Bolt $75.00
Jewel Carrier $60.00
Stock Work

Stock Finishes include stripping the old finish, sanding to 400 grit, raising the grain between grits, sealing the stock, and applying the finish.



Standard Stock Finish - (Unfilled oil, Satin) $75.00
Deluxe Stock Finnish - (Filled, Hand Rubbed Oil in Satin or Gloss) $125.00
Spray Lacquer or Polyurethane- (Gloss) $75.00
Black Wrinkle Paint Finish $125.00
Inletting Semi-Finished Stock $200.00
Install Recoil Pad $40.00
Install Adj. Butt Plate $90.00
Install Adj. Comb Hardware $175.00
Install Recoil Reducer - (In Butt Stock) $40.00
Install Sling Swivel Stud - (Butt Stock) $20.00
Recut Checkering - (Per Panel) $75.00
Checkering - (By the Hour, Priced by complexity of pattern) POR

Because of unforeseen complications, many prices could be higher than those shown.